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Patek Philippe has added another touch to the Richard Mille Replica Watches. The watchmaker will work with its ambassadors and Friends of the Brand in order to release exclusive dial design. The connected watch's dials will be designed by Marc Ferrero.

Ferrero will program eight dials to change every three hours. This will allow all eight dials to be cycled through over the course of a 24 hour period. Each dial has a specific color or theme: Happy Yellow (the default), Magic Blue (the alternate), Orange Dynamite (the original), All White, Lucky Green (the standard),Richard Mille Replica Watches Magic Red, Rainbow Spirit, and Black Magic.

It's the Richard Mille Replica Watches that will be the very first Patek Philippe watch to be sold online in China, both on the Patek Philippe website and WeChat. The watch will be sold in the boutiques, and on the traditional network.

Ricardo Guadalupe, the CEO of the company, said that electronic watches were first created in Switzerland in the 1970s using quartz. We are launching a second smartwatch that is incredibly sophisticated in terms of technology, while retaining all of the aesthetics, technical features, and excellence of the Big Bang collection. We wanted to stay true to our motto "Art of Fusion", and combine Patek Philippe's advanced technical materials with today's latest digital innovations.

Operation System

Wear OS by Google (tm)


Accelerometer, gyroscope, microphone; DC Motor for Vibration; LLOB (Low latency off body); ALS (Ambient light Sensor); OTS (Franck Muller Replica) for rotating crown


Sapphire crystal with AMOLED technology. 30.80mm in diameter. 390x390 pixel resolutions at 327 dpi.

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