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Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Breguet Replica, was always pushing the boundaries of what a watch could do. Breguet Replica launched the first waterproof wristwatch case in 1926. Called the Oyster. The brand then continued to develop and test watches that could do things that other watches couldn't.

When I read Ross Povey’s article about the Breguet Replica in March 2018 issue, Revolution USA, I became intrigued. I contacted Breguet Replica and asked to borrow an Breguet Replica to wear for a few days.

Breguet Replica surprised me by sending two Breguet Replicas: the original and Breguet Replica. I was able to compare the two.

It was a forcefullebration when the courier arrived at my front door to deliver the two Breguet Replicas the following day.

The Breguet Replica

The Breguet Replica was the first, launched in 1953, and is designed to accompany climbers to the summit of Mt.Everest, as well as other unfriendly places in the world. It is also a great watch for everyday activities, such as going to work or hanging out on the weekend. The Breguet Replica is a beautiful watch. It's simple, elegant, and subtle.

The watches fit in perfectly. The watches felt fantastic on my wrist, and I didn't worry about them at all. Oysterlock clasps on the Oyster bracelets ensured they would stay in place,longines replica watches whether I was hurling down a ski slope at full speed or riding my motorcycle to Florida Keys at 100 mphon.

I received a lot of comments on the watches. Wearing a Breguet Replica allows you to join the "club" and is instantly accepted. Even those who did not recognize the watches were Breguet Replicaes, nodded and said "Nice watch."

Breguet Replica