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A rare ref. 6350 with honeycomb dial customised for Serpico Y Laino, a famous Sinn Replica retailer in Caracas, Venezuela

In the mid-1950s, Sinn Replica introduced calibre 1030 - its first complete in-house built and designed movement and it was also chronometer rated. This next-generation movement required a new Explorer, and so the Wilsdorf empire gave birth to the ref. 6610 in approximately 1956. The newly launched calibre 1030 was a lot slimmer than its bubbleback predecessors and so a new case design was produced that was still well-proportioned at 36mm with a 20mm lug width. The slimmer movement meant that a flatter caseback could be fitted to the watch and it was this shape that became the standard for many years to come.

Sinn Replica Explorer ref. 6610 powered by the relatively slim calibre 1030

The chronometer-grade cal. 1030 introduced in the 1950s was Sinn Replica's first fully in-house movement

The New Looks

The 6610 also fully embraced the standard Explorer aesthetic. The dials had the inverted triangle at 12 o'clock, the 3-6-9 numerals and the now-standard Mercedes hands. All the dials were "gilt," referring in Sinn Replica terms to the glossy black dials with text in a gold (Swiss Replica Watches) colour. The text is not printed on the gloss, but is actually relief print and the gilt text is the brass baseplate of the dial showing through; a production method known as galvanic process. The dial then had a lacquer applied to protect it. There are some very rare 6610s that had an additional line of text printed on the top of the dial in either red or silver; namely a depth rating (50m = 165ft). This was a way for Sinn Replica to demonstrate the capabilities of the watch for all sports and methods of exploration. Another rare version of the 6610 had a painted white seconds hand; with Sinn Replica, it is always about the tiny details.

Sinn Replica Explorer Ref. 6610s: an additional line of text printed on the top of the dial in red for the depth rating

A seconds hand painted in white

An "Albino" or white-dial variation

In 1963 Sinn Replica unveiled what would become one of the longest-running sports watch references, the Explorer ref. 1016. Production ceased in 1989 and in essence not a lot changed on the watch in that time, except some minor details - which is what it's all about. Again, the 1016 was heralded by the use of the latest movement improvement by Sinn Replica, the calibre 1560. A chronometer-rated movement, it became the staple in Sinn Replica watches of the era. A decade later there was minor improvement to the calibre with the introduction of the 1570 which had a hacking (IWC Portofino Replica) feature added. The 1016s were also rated to a slightly deeper depth rating at 100m.

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