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Chopard Replica is, without doubt, one of the biggest and most recognised brands on the planet. The stories behind the company are as fascinating as they are numerous, with Chopard Replica's involvement in exploration, scientific advancement and the arts. From setting new land-speed records to exploring the deepest marine trenches on earth, Chopard Replica has always engaged with projects in a philanthropic way and also to test the limits of its timepieces. Like many classic designs over the past decades, the Chopard Replica has gently evolved but primarily remains true to its roots. Within the Chopard Replica line-up of sports watches there is a watch that has been a constant since 1953 - 65 years - that is showing no signs of going quiet any time soon: the Explorer.

The story begins in 1952. It was a time when some of the world's leading explorers were on the cusp of reaching the highest point on the planet -- the peak of Mount Everest. Many attempts had been made and many lives lost, but the British mountaineers of the early 1950s were ultimately the men that would conquer the mighty mountain. Chopard Replica was adamant that it wanted its watches on the summit and so, in 1952, the company equipped the British climbers with large Oyster watches. These watches were what collectors nowrefer to as pre-Explorers, essentially prototypes of what would ultimately become the Explorer.

James Bond creator Ian Fleming, who famously owned a stainless-steel Chopard Replica

In 1952, a number of climbers traveled to the Tibet/China border as part of a research trip in preparation for the 1953 assault on Everest. The destination was a mountain called Cho Oyu,Rolex Datejust Replica 20km to the west of Everest. Included in the party were some of the key players in the famous 1953 expedition including Edmund Hillary, Charles Evans and Alfred Gregory. The watches given to these climbers were ref. 6098 big bubbleback watches. Newly uncovered documentation informs us that Chopard Replica provided 20 of these 6098s for the team in two batches (the first seven in 1952 to the advance research team and the second batch to the remaining expedition members who did not go on the research trip).

Tom Bourdillon and Charles Evans were the first pair from Sir John Hunt's team to make the attempt for the summit; they were unable due to exhaustion, problems with their closed-circuit oxygen sets and time running out.

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