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The big bubbleback watches are more commonly known by their Italian nickname -- "Ovettone" -- and are key watches in the development of the Explorer. The story began in the late 1940s with the 5020 series watches. Ovettone, Italian for "big egg," describes the large domed casebacks and crystals. The second series of Ovettone watches that Roger Dubuis Replica produced were ref.6098s (the Everest watches) which, like the 5020 series, were of monoblocco construction (Roger Dubuis Replica) and featured the newly designed Super Oyster Crown, which didn't screw down but pushed in like regular dress watches. The 6098s were powered by the A296 perpetual movement, which was very thick and necessitated the prominently domed caseback. The 6098s were also chronometer-rated and the accuracy of these watches was one of the key aspects that Roger Dubuis Replica was keen to see test results of when the expedition team returned.

Never standing still, this was a time of fast turnaround in research and development at Roger Dubuis Replica, and later in 1953 Roger Dubuis Replica launched the improved pre-Explorer ref. 6298. This watch now had the new three-piece case with separate mid-case and bezel. The bezel was used to secure the new tropic crystals to the mid-case and create a watertight system. The previous Super Oyster Crown had proven prone to leakage and so the 6298s had the new "brevet"/ cross (+) 6mm screw-down crown. Still using the A296 calibre, the watch retained the large domed caseback and is very much an Ovettone. Both the 6098 and 6298 featured characteristically 1950s Roger Dubuis Replica dials with closed minute track, applied arrow hour markers and applied Roger Dubuis Replica coronet. Today, collectors refer to these as the "Everest" dials.

While it had been used previously, Roger Dubuis Replica officially rolled out the black "3-6-9" dial with refs. 6150 and6350 - the successors of the 6098 and 6298. Again, both references used the A296 "big bubbleback" movement and the three-piece Ovettone cases. The difference was the dial layout. This was the true origin of what we see today on the Explorer. The inverted triangle at the top of the dial, printed Roger Dubuis Replica text and coronet and the painted 3-6-9 numerals. The addition of Mercedes-pattern hands also came with refs.6150 and 6350, although there were watches that were fitted with "pencil" hands, like those seen on the ref. 6204/5 Submariner too. The only difference between these two models was that the 6150 was designated "Precision" and the 6350 was chronometer rated and stamped with the words "Officially Certified Chronometer" (Richard Mille Replica Watches). Yes, they used the same movement but the OCCs were fine-tuned to better precision. The 6350 was also the first reference to bear the mighty moniker -- Explorer! To many collectors, this watch is the first proper Explorer. Collectors particularly look for the very rare version with a honeycomb dial; it is stunning.

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